Monday, November 6, 2017


Everleigh wrapped up her short basketball session--she loved it! I have a feeling this might be her thing. I love that our kids all have individual interests. I don't love that we are running between what feels like a zillion different sports each week.  Check back in with me when all 4 kids are in high school during the winter season and see how Craig and I are attending basketball, dance and hockey at the same time. :) 

Halloween! One of my favorite holidays!
This year the school parade was moved in the gym because it was so cold. It was the coldest Halloween since 1996!
Our nerd, our KFC crew and our mouse all had a great Halloween. Our trick-or-treating didn't last quite as long this year because were all frozen, but don't worry, they have enough candy to last months!

Paisley sleeps in a loft, which means she can't really have Oscar in her bed with her. So for several nights she has been sleeping in random places, the hallway, her bedroom floor or the couch. She loves her Oscie boy.

It's already snowed several times. Gross.
Don't get me wrong, I love snow...from about December 15-January 15. That's it.
I am super thankful that the kids can all get ready for snow activities on their own now though. Ugh, do I remember the days of trying to get a one year old, two two year olds and a four year old ready to go outside. Talk about a sweaty workout!

Have you ever wondered what 106 dirt pudding cups look like? Here you go. The kids helped me make these for the snack at their school's Harvest Fest.
Everleigh and her best bud, Dylan enjoying the dirt pudding cups. :)
One day I walked into our laundry room and found this. His back was cold so he turned the dryer on to warm it up. (Or, he could just put a shirt on?!?!)

Hudson still loves his Monchhichis. He and Puck love playing hockey.

 Dance season is in full swing with the first competition in less than a month. Paisley is doing a quartette at a few of the competitions and the girls were cute. Clockwise from top left, Aubrey, Emarie, Lydia, Paisley. Can't wait to get bleacher butt watching dance!
Mama B

Monday, October 30, 2017

Rounding out October

Hello! Happy end of October. That month sure flew by! I can't believe that tomorrow is Halloween!
Tonight, Everleigh finishes up her short session of basketball. While she played, the boys played outside. 

Paisley applied, interviewed and was hired at Royal Credit Union as a Marketing employee for their School Sense program. She went to training at the corporate center and is ready for her job. Here she is on her first day of work. :)

Oscar Miller is doing a bit better. He's loving his new food and has found a new trick!
Sitting with his friend...

Guess what? Everleigh lost her first tooth! She was at school (the day before pictures!) and was eating a pear during lunch. She said she thought she swallowed a pear seed, but then looked and saw blood on her pear. Yep--she swallowed her tooth!
She wrote the tooth fairy a note and she still came by to get her note and leave her money. Of all the teeth we've lost in the house, Everleigh was the first one to swallow one.

We love our neighbors. We've all become friends and we hate when winter comes and we don't see each other as much.

Halloween is near, and Paisley wore her costume to Dance.

 Every day when Everleigh gets home from school, she plays school. She sets up her classroom on our stairs and reads to her class. It's so cute. I tried to get a picture without getting caught, but she's too quick.

This week, I took Paisley and Makyah to see World of Dance Live for their birthday gift. We all loved it!

Just when I think our lives can't get any more busy, hockey season starts. The boys are Mites this year. They will practice as a large group for about a month, then be split into 4 teams and begin games. They love hockey and I love watching them love it.

Little sister has mixed feelings about it...
 But the GREAT news?! She's finally tall enough to see into the rink! No more lifting her up to see. Yahoo!

We also carved pumpkins!

 Unplanned, they all ended up with a sports-themed pumpkin. :)

Thanks for checking in! I'll be back next week with pictures of the kiddos dressed up!