Sunday, December 4, 2016

the start of winter

Thanksgiving morning, we all watched the Thanksgiving day parade while I prepared food. All of us except Madden, who instead watched old Michael Jackson music videos on You Tube.

We stopped by the Bergs for a bit, then headed to Grandma Brenda's house to eat and hang with family. I did a lot of eating and not much photo taking.
When we got home from Thanksgiving dinner....Oliver was there!! So much screaming and jumping for joy. Our Elf on the Shelf was back--hooray!

Another exciting thing...Hudson finally lost a tooth! Madden has lost 6 teeth, so Hudson's just been dying to lose a tooth and have the tooth fairy come for him.
Christmas is right around the corner! We decorated the house, put up lights and got our trees all set. I hope that some day, that day is filled with smiles and laughter and less, "stop dropping the bulbs!" "Please stop fighting over where the ornaments go!" "That doesn't go there!" But we all survived and the house looks great. (well...great may be an exaggeration)
The fake tree with kid ornaments...

The real tree...
We stopped in to see Grandma Bonnie during chemo one day.

The boys are still loving hockey. Games should be starting soon. Both boys are on the Sabres. Coach daddy has been helping out when he can, which has been fun to watch!
I looked up and saw them just chatting it up on the rink together. :)

This weekend, Paisley had her first competition of the year. She performed two routines, pom and jazz. She also chose to do a solo...her very first solo.
Performing in front of a crowd is scary for anyone. But to do it all by yourself at eight years proud of her!! Her routine was beautiful. She performed so well. The end of her routine had a little blurp when she forgot the last eight count and ran off stage instead of hitting her last pose. That resulted in lots of tears and disappointment.
So, we were both equally as shocked during awards when they announced her name as the FIRST place winner!! She learned some good lessons and she is so grateful and excited! I was pretty far away from awards and honestly didn't have my camera ready, but look closely and you can see her going up for her first place medal.  
Pom took first place and Jazz took second. It was a great start to the dance season! And Paisley had lots of supporters too since this competition was relatively close.

 Winter is here!

If you know me, you know I strongly dislike homework in elementary school. But what can make it better but your best pup helping you out?


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