Sunday, January 1, 2017

Celebrating the end of Sixteen

2016 is gone. How did that happen? We've had a busy few weeks celebrating school birthdays, friends and family birthdays, school holiday parties, Christmas, Paisley's parties and NYE. Phew.

As the kids get older, I get fewer pictures. For some reason, I didn't think that would happen. I mean, they move way more when they are toddlers. But below I did my best to capture some of what we've been up to over the last few weeks.

The boys both had an event at school that both Craig and I could go to. We played math games and made gingerbread houses. I love seeing them in their school environment.

Amidst all of the parties, Paisley had another dance competition. What's more fun than swimming in a hotel pool, eating pizza on a bed and rooming with your dance bestie?

There's not a whole lot cuter than little girls doing hip hop. Can you spot Pais and her facials?

Every year, we get mugs of hot cocoa and head to see the amazing Christmas lights and sing Christmas music. I hope they are never too old for this.
Hockey is in full force. We are getting two boys suited up two nights a week. They are still enjoying it, especially on the nights that Craig gets to help coach. (I love those nights too because then I'm not getting them ready alone! Uff duh.)
Whoever this is...I can't tell...stayed like this for a long time. Resting maybe?

We had a joint family birthday party for Makyah (14) and Paisley. With their birthday just a week apart and so close to Christmas, it makes sense to combine them.

Christmas Eve we went to my mom's house to celebrate with the Koehler side of the family.

Somebody was super tuckered out...
Christmas morning, we awoke...ahem...let me first say that Madden woke me up at 2:00, 3:00, 4:30 and 5:00 asking if it was time to go downstairs yet. Geez, kiddo. After a painful wait, we finally went downstairs to see if Santa had come around 7:00.
He had!!
Our beautiful tree with gifts galore. Including Rock Band for the whole family. (Insert hands over the ears monkey emoji here!!)
And equally as important, Miss Paisley Rian's 9th Birthday!!

The kids opening gifts...

After gifts and breakfast, we played for a bit and then got ready to go to G&G Bergs.
I love these four.

Christmas was great. We are sure grateful for generous gifts and amazing family and friends!

Next up, Paisley's friend birthday party. Usually, Paisley celebrates with her friends somewhere...she's done the roller skating rink, the movie theatre, Michaels....but this year, she wanted a circus theme at home. Totally fitting. It's a circus here every day.

Fun with Hailee, Ella, Lydia, Taylor, Joslyn, Maddie, Emma and Evalynn!

A couple of days later, we went to the cities to celebrate the holidays with my best friend and her fam. We started by jumping at Sky Zone, a gift from the Reiter's.

Great toe-touch Hudson!! too Paisley. :)

We finished our weekend by celebrating the new year at the Lokken's house!

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2017!
I have lots of goals, but most of all, I hope that I can slow down a bit. Time is going too fast. My baby girl just turned NINE. Nine. I remember the day I had her like it was yesterday. I need to soak in this crazy, hectic, amazing life a little bit more.
Happy Birthday to the most strong willed, flexible, smart, caring, sensitive, noodle loving, dancing, dog loving Christmas gift we've ever been given. We love you, Miss P! Happy 9th Birthday
I look forward to sharing more from the Bergie Bunch in 2017!

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