Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mic Check

Testing. Testing. Is this thing on? Mic check 1-2-3. Anyone there?
I doubt it. It's literally been 8 months since I've posted. Time got away from me and then the thought of going back and trying to remember what we did seemed so daunting that I just gave up. Until now.
The other day I had to fill out paper work for church and needed to know the date the boys were baptized. So what else do you do, but look it up on the blog? Then I got sucked down the rabbit hole of rereading the blog. So many funny stories, so many pictures, and most of many things that I had totally forgotten about.
I don't want to forget these last 8 months. So here it goes. Probably the longest post ever, filled with whatever random pictures I have left on my phone.
The boys had a successful hockey season and grew so much as players. 

The boys turned SEVEN! They had their friend party at the trampoline park. That many 7 year old boys....holy. We were all exhausted at the end. 

On their actual birthday...

Hudson loves: drums, hockey, baseball, sneaking sips of diet coke, Monchhichi, drawing, rollerblading and riding bike.
Hudson dislikes: waking up for school, brushing his teeth, putting his clothes in the laundry and cheese.

Madden loves: music (especially Michael Jackson and ACDC), reading (especially Roald Dahl), hockey, baseball, minecraft, watching you-tubers, and hanging with Cambree and Grandma.
Madden dislikes: washing his face after eating, wearing two socks, corn, and sleeping in.

We took the kids to the Leinie's Lodge one day for rootbeer and lemonade.

In the spring we visited the Crayola Experience in the Mall of America. It was dead in there, so we took our time doing all of the activities. We all loved it!

Two missing front teeth is my favorite!!
(until they start growing in all weird)

On Easter morning the kids got up and looked for baskets right away.

Then we got ready for church and brunch at Grandma and Grandpa Bergs.
I'm so lucky to be their mom.

Just after Easter, my best friends and I took off for a long Las Vegas!
We all have little kiddos, so being together, uninterrupted in the beautiful weather was so fun!
 This picture was taken after we had all done a zip line. Such a fun and scary experience.

The boys played coach pitch this year. Their team worked really well together and ended up taking first place at the end of the season. They were the youngest on the team and learned a lot from the other players. It was so fun watching them.
This year Madden also decided that he wanted to throw with his right hand. ??? He's left handed, so this came as a surprise to us. I guess he's ambidextrous?! 

When you are in 3rd grade at Locust Lane, you can participate in the Variety show. Paisley did her solo. :)

 The a couple of days later, she performed at the spring show.

 Mother's Day...

Paisley's dance studio had a banquet for the girl's and their families.
The pink team...
 All 5 competition teams...

Remember miss Everleigh Calla's long, beautiful hair?
 It was time for a cut! 10 inches to be exact.

Everleigh and her best friend, Landon at track n field day at school.

The annual picture at the Memorial day parade
 Craig and I both LOVE Jack Johnson. I've wanted to see him in concert for years, but he never plays close to us. He finally went on tour and played in Chicago--close enough for us to get to.
While waiting for the concert to begin, Craig signed us up to get a free cup. That in turn signed us up to win the grand prize, side stage seating for the concert!
We about died. It was just the two of us, right next to Jack. We talked to him and jammed out. I'd say it was one of the best days ever!

Everleigh continued to play soccer with the Strawberries. She did a great job and had lots of fun too!

The kids wrapped up the 16-17 school year. It went by way too fast.

DJ Craig (G-Money) played the jams at the school carnival. I love that the kids still love that we are involved.

Paisley and her teacher, Mrs. Steffel.

Don't forget that Everleigh might be all about sports and playing outside, but she still loves her babies.

 Summer swimming at the Lokkens.
And on June 17th, Everleigh turned SIX!!

Everleigh loves: playing outside, singing, soccer, playing catch, driving in the jeep, doing dramatic play and riding bike.
Everleigh dislikes: sitting long enough to finish a meal and brushing her hair.
In the middle of the summer, we did swimming whenever possible and celebrated the 4th of July at the Lokkens, as always.


 The Berg cousins!

 Paisley did summer dance for 5 weeks and had a performance of the routine she learned. Neighbor Ani came to cheer her on! :)

We made a little purchase this summer...welcome our old, rickety, "it's not a tent" camper!!
She's perfect for us. There's enough room to easily sleep 8, we have a fridge, sink, heater and let me say it's not a tent!! Whoo hoo!
So far this summer we have gone on two camping adventures...

A first for our kids....Valleyfair!
Paisley is fearless. She will do anything, and loves the scariest, highest, fast rides ever. The older I get, the more nervous it makes me. She and Craig were about to go on the power tower--she looked so tiny on that tall ride, and there she was, arms in the air. There I am yelling to Craig, "Make her hang on!! Tell her to hold on!!" (as anxiety fills my mind and I picture the worst possible scenario.)
We had a blast and are looking forward to going again in a few years when Everleigh is tall enough (and brave enough) to ride the big coasters. I was really proud of the boys too...they wouldn't try the roller coasters with huge drops, but they did go on one that goes upside down and other big-kid rides!  

This summer, us Vegas girls also got together with our kids. much fun as Vegas?? Uh, no. :)
Here we are trying to get a picture of our kids. Good times! LOL.
 Add the moms...much better. (still missing a few children)

 We celebrated Cody's 10th birthday that same weekend too!

We decided to sign the kids up for summer school this year. Not because they are behind, but because it was an opportunity to get back in the groove, be with friends, do cool activities and not sit home! They really, truly loved it and have already asked to do it again next year.
We don't get bussing where we live during the regular school year, but for summer school we did! We live close to our elementary, middle and high school, so this is the only time they'll be riding the bus to school.

Another camping trip!

In the last week, the kids have been picking yummy food from Grandma's garden!
We also planted our own tomatoes and cucumbers this year, and both are doing well. 

So...That's a really short recap of the photos I have left on my phone.
What you don't see...the boys did summer hockey, Everleigh played with Landon every single day, the kids went to day care two days a week at our friend Missy's house, they all went to swimming lessons (and all passed to the next level) and we were outside as much as possible. 

I'm really not sure what the future of the blog is. I really would like to keep it up--it's an amazing way to look back and remember what the kids are up to over the years. As they are in more and more activities, we are home less and less. It's really hard to take the time to sit and do this.

I'm going to remain hopeful that the blog will find an hour in each week.
School starts in two weeks...I'm looking forward to watching the kids change and grow.


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